We prepare you for tennis
Preparing is the only way to control the outcome of your matches.
We test and train you from your home gym & tennis club or at our performance center at Catella Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.
We see tennis as movement patterns
Serving, running and hitting.
You start the point with a Ace, you then then want to Move fast to the next shot, a Winner.
The team has a long background in tennis, both work wise and on court.
Ali has coached most of the high leveled ATP and WTA players in Sweden with a very high success rate. 
Martin with a long background as a full time player, has also been coaching high level juniors, amateurs, WTA and ATP players
Optimal is to do testing before starting your training. If you are not able to test your fitness with us, we have built training programs that are the result of collected data from tennis fitness over many years. These are tested and proved to improve tennis performance.
We test and train them so your fitness can support your tennis.
Serve, ground strokes and running with change of direction.
Which one do you need to improve to win more matches with Your game plan?
More than 30 years of knowledge and experience from working with top players at pro tours, all the way to ambitious amateurs. 
Our Aim: to make a difference oncourt for tennis players all around. 
AIM-X tests and trains you physically, we also provide you with training programs in your smartphone.


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