Why AIM-X?

Our Former and active pro's from the ATP and WTA tour have successfully worked along the AIM-X process over the years and their ambitions where the start of their success. Along with Testing the player through science based facts, we have been coaching their physical levels to meet the demands from the tennis court. 


Whether you are a individual player or a club there is always room for improvement. The AIM-X process focuses on enhancing tennis fitness. 


This is individually based on the athletes history, physical testing and the athletes goal. To reach ones goals effectively, injury prevention is a large part of the progressions. 

The process is divided into 4 steps to determine best course of action for each individual.

General Consultation

This session maps the players health background to establish a starting point reaching your aim. During the session we will go through your ambition as well as commitment of reaching ones goals. 

Specific testing

Based on the consultation session, the testing phase is scheduled specifically to establish current performance level but also setting future goals. AIM-X provides a battery of tests within Movement, Endurance, Power and Recovery. Specifically for tennis players, to pinpoint your current level.

Individual Programming

Once the test results are set we can start with the training programs. Each program is designed individually to assure you reach your specific goal. The length and intensity of the programs is based on your history, ambition and commitment. It also involved habits, ability to recovery and sleep quality.


The only way to assess where we stand later on in the process, is to re-test.

This is why we always re-test to make sure the selected choice of course is improving your performance and making you better. With the test data, we can now also head on to the next goal directly, continuing your tennis improvement even further. 


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